Popping the cherry


In Europe the legal age for having intercourse is 16, before that it is illegal, now in the US, it’s illegal before the age of 18. This “age of consent”, varies from country to country but ranges from the age of 15-21.


One can argue all one wants, but it is proven that people that wait until they are 16 or over are less likely to have regrets. Your body might be ready before you, or the other way around. Often, young girls can be so in love with someone that they want to please their partner, before they really have had the genuine urge themselves. This often means that the body isn’t ready, and can result in painful intercourses, tension, bleeding, and urinal tract infections caused by forced penetration. In other cases, one can be very aroused and wet, but not be prepared for the actual act and the change in their partner’s behaviour during. Also, you are more likely to get emotionally hurt by the person you sleep with, as you have shared something entirely new and private with them, and might find yourself getting attached, even if it’s just a friends with benefits relationship, a one night stand, or a relationship that ends sooner than you expected. Therefore it’s wise to not push yourself to do it before you are at the right age, with someone who you are completely comfortable with and trust, and practise safe sex.

I first had sex when I was 17, with my boyfriend who was also a virgin. Now, I was prepared for anything, as I had watched a hella lot of movies, read things in magazines, and basically had been a very very horny child since, probably the age of seven. So let’s say, I had waited ten years for this. Sounds sick? Well it’s true. Me and my friend SexyOstrich talked about sex at a very early age. We had both grown up in single parents homes, and our parents, of the opposite sexes, happened to be two very sexual beings. But neither of them really had any sex, they had no partners and I think, at least my mother kinda denied herself that pleasure, as she had taken on a lot of family issues and devoted her life to her kids. So me and my friend SexyOstrich , never grew up in an environment where there was kissing, any traumatic overhearings of sex noises or accidental entering the room whilst single parent in bed with random stranger banging away. But we were curious.

So I knew that usually, at the age of seventeen, and especially if they were virgins, they wouldn’t last very long. I was lucky enough to be with a very nice first boyfriend, who was kind, goofy, intelligent, soft and had a great taste in music and art. I cared for him very much and I wanted everything to be perfect for the both of us. When the occasion came where it was obviously gonna happen we were listening to Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’ album (which is a grrrrreat lurve-making album btw) I had prepared the candles, fresh sheets, and even ventured downstairs and done a bit of a trim. (back then it wasn’t that big of a deal, and my boyfriend back then wasn’t a douchebag that was gonna critisize me for not being fucking waxed all the way to Brazil).  And we were making out,  getting excited, clothes were off, penis was out, condom was reached for, vagina was wet, condom was applied clumsily, ‘Lover you should come over’ was playing and it was time to get it in.  Business time.

We were looking into each others eyes, we had already said “I love you” so the trust was there, but the naked akwardness wasn’t yet overcome, but he manouvered his slightly smaller than average penis towards the opening of my never before penetrated kooka, and slowly tried to break through. It was painful, but not really really painful, I remember being relieved and so overexcited that when he had gone all the way in I just had goosebumps, and after about two slow in and outs he collapsed onto my body and I just blurted out, “I came!” and I think I was even convinced of it myself. Because I wanted to so bad. Having had a conversation with my friend who had her first session with this apparently everlasting and enduring swimmer douchebag she was seing,  she claimed that she came on her first time, and that they had great sex all the time, I envied her that, and even though I was patient and didn’t expect it to be like that in MY reality, I guess I wanted to make him feel good about myself. I don’t really think he believed me, as he said, “no, surely not?” “Yeah, I think so…” I said.

It was short but sweet, for me it didn’t hurt too much, I didn’t bleed, and I didn’t orgasm, and it was many years to come before I would actually experience a vaginal orgasm from a guy. This boyfriend, bless him, never mad me come, we had some fun times with my vibrator, and he tried his very best in every way, but it just didn’t happen inside or outside with only him as a toy. But the sex, that over the year and a half we were together, even though it rarely lasted longer than 15 minutes, it got better, and it was enjoyable. And we figured  out this technique that we had together, where as soon as he felt like he was close, he would stop and say “break!” and we would lie as still as possible and he would calm down until he was ready to go again, and so made the sessions last longer.  But for me, beause I loved him, I didn’t loose patience, or at least I wouldn’t show it,  because he beat himself up everytime, and I felt bad for him, and I knew that it was rather normal.

And I am happy to say that in later relationships he’s had a much better sexlife as the years went by, made his girlfriends come plenty of times, and got better at it.

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