Are you a sex addict? A horndog? Curious? Self-conscious? On the prowl? Just came out of the closet? A virgin? Do you deny yourself your animalistic needs? Do you have trouble getting an orgasm? Or have you never had one? We are here to blog out our best and worst of the sex lives of women and men today, our personal experiences, facts and figures, theories and fantasies, simply because, there can never be enough. ‘Sex in the city’, porn, erotic scenes in movies, sex self-help books and articles in magazines are all out there to help you find your sexual self. And we’d like to consider ourself another little part of that list of sexual education. Now, let’s get it on.


The list

If you’ve passed the 10, on the number of people you’ve slept with, and the list keeps growing, it might be a fun idea to write their names down on a list, before you forget their names. If you’ve passed 20 people, you’re likely to have forgotten at least one name, and if so, a nickname will do the trick. This list might teach you something, you’ll probably remember the occasions, the moves, the smells, the feelings, the failures, the embarrassments, and you might find that there are ones you don’t remember at all. Some sessions you want to forget, and some will you remember as an absolute blast, and you might learn from thinking back on it.

 Try and figure out what it was that made it good, was it the chemistry? A good foreplay? Was it the physicality? Maybe you remember something that the person taught you, or a feeling you had with a special person, and if you try and relive that feeling as you are looking at the name, you can train your brain, to trigger that feeling again, in another situation, with another person, and you might find it helps your confidence and boosts your motivation.

 If there are some names that remind you of a bad experience or an embarrassing occasion, you can learn from that too. You can try and think of it in a different way and realise that you probably didn’t really do a bad job, or that the person really is a jerk and you are so much better than that. Trying to process the bad memory and look at it more objectively might break down your thoughts in to separate subjects, such as bad habits, fears, psychological issues or turn-offs. Try and figure out a way to improve yourself, to enable yourself to connect with the person you are going to sleep with in the future and to not be afraid to communicate. If the person doesn’t want to communicate, then they are just an idiot.



    • Italian Stallion
    • Best friend * Virgin
    • American pianist
    • Hairy handsome David
    • Tom OCD long thing
    • Best friend Aussie fuckup bastard
    • First one * Virgin
    • Looser bootycall
    • Old asian guy with great bod
    • Random Dan the basketball coach
    • Soulcock guy – THE PERFECT PENIS
    • Dutch guy
    • New York baldy stud
    • Mexican Daddy
    • Housemate friendster


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One comment on “THE LIST

  1. suqit
    January 16, 2014

    check. i’m not writing them down. no trust.

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