The Perfect Penis

The perfect penis.

It’s an often discussed subject, the penis. The size of the matter, and the whole getting-our-genitals-out-for-the-first-time business is pretty exciting but also nerve wrecking. There is an enormous focus on the penis, and as soon as young men/boys learn about averages, the ruler comes out. The vagina, has in later years almost stolen the spotlight, now it used to be ‘is she tight or not’ now, it’s about how the grass is cut, what the labia is like and what colouring the skin is around it.

The average penis size is 3.5 to 3.7 inches when soft and between 5.0-5.7 inches when hard. For those still paranoid, that’s 9 to 9.5 centimeters at ease and 12.8 to 14 centimeters at attention.

But now. We here at thebestsexblog will reveal what needs to be revealed.

It must be said, AGAIN, it is NOT about the size. It’s just about finding the perfect match. Yes, there is such a thing, as a perfect genital match. Men’s penises are so different, their size, shape, circumcision, where it points etc. And women are different inside too, and women have several erogenous zones on the inside of the vagina. A good sign is that you don’t have to do more than the old in-out in-out missionary style for you both to feel extremely good, the penis is hitting the right spots and the vagina sits nicely around it and isn’t too tight, and often responds to movement with contractions or small squirts.


I remember being about to have sex for the first time with a guy I saw as a potential booty-call, seeing his penis thinking that it was smaller than my ex-boyfriends, before it was inserted in me and I just found my vaginas new best friend. Now, admittedly the first time wasn’t all that good, we didn’t really know each other and I hadn’t had sex for a while, which results in me being quite tight and tense, so it felt good, but it didn’t last very long and I didn’t get to the point where I could really enjoy the sensation.

But I thought to myself that I’d give the guy another chance, after all he was a fun little dork, with a grrrreat body and was easy to hang around with. And the next time, lo and behold, I all of a sudden felt, this incredible sensation, of his penis just hitting my G-spot over and over and just somehow rubbing me up real nice in just the right way.  Right before he came I could feel it coming, like I’ve never felt before, from the root of the penis I could feel it vibrate like a fucking dildo, and then I could feel it pump into me, as he made the ugliest come face I have ever seen, but so help me GOD was I turned on by it! I got addicted really quickly and I saw him as often as I could, and as he slowly opened himself up to me I was like, yeah bla bla perfect penis….mmmmm. And the sex just got better and better. Sure, my ex boyfriends penis was bigger, and better looking, (it wasn’t like outrageously huge but just a bit to big for me) but I had never been able to do much on top of him, it was just too painful. The perfect penis wasn’t small, no, but just the perfect size for me, and it pointed straight to my g-spot, it kind of bulked at the right places and it was just PERFECT. I could RIDE him like I’ve never ridden before! He was all like “oh my god you are SO good on top!” And I was like “Og my God, I’ve never been this good on top!” and it was all such fun.

I saw him again recently and we had sex FOUR times a day, not only are we great together in bed, we have the same sexual appetite and the same timing. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE, TO HAVE SEX 12 TIMES AND NOT HAVE ONE ORGASM, YET IT BEING SOME OF THE BEST SEX I’VE EVER HAD!? Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp….. My passion grows for this guy, as we communicate so well in bed, and it’s like in those really fucking awesome moments, we love each other, utterly indulge and it’s almost PAINFUL thats how good it is. And we both look UGLY when we do it…. His ugly come face…ah. But the Penis.. THE PENIS! I’m so scared that I’m never gonna find another one, I had sex with another guy after it, and it was great, he was skilled, and the penis was great, I felt great it was GREAT, but just NOT THE SAME! I almost cried! Because I really like this guy you know?

Have YOU found the perfect penis? (Or as Sexy Ostrich called it, your “soulcock”) Or Vagina? Comment below and share your experiences.

xx Kissergirl

9 thoughts on “The Perfect Penis

  1. yeah, Really Awesome! However, The point of ‘The Perfect Penis’ is that size doesn’t matter, as everyone is so different in size. I myself, Can’t take too big a dick, and find that the average penis, or slightly smaller than average give me more pleasure. Everyone can find the perfect match! That’s what it’s all about 🙂

    Good luck in finding a new ‘Big Love’ -I’m sure you will!

  2. I have found my soulcock and I wish it were detached from owner! Help me also!! Maybe we can start a support group. I’m about to majorly disgrace myself and have him over tomorrow night. My ex bf. He pissed me off so many times during our break up. He won’t even come when I call, it’s always on his watch. I succumbed this time and asked when is best for him. Can you believe that shit? Listen, I’m very experienced and this is one cock in a million. Okay, not that experienced but this penis has the perfect length and girth. It’s redic. The first time we did it, he put it in my hand and I knew immediately that I had to get on top and take the ride of my life. Life altering. Sighhhh, he wasn’t a supportive BF and king of avoidance. A tyrant bastard. Besides having to deal with reality together we had fun. I enjoyed him. Soooooo..wish me luck cuz I guess I’m going through with it tomorrow! Damn.

    1. Hi Dillybar,
      SO sorry for the late reply, us sex addicts have been out of touch for waaaaay too long. Thank you for your comment,
      WHAT HAPPENED with the soulcock?
      Tell me everything! And Ill tell you what happened to mine… Also, SexyOstrich has news about the subject of Soulcock too.
      Thank you for the contribution.

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