The Orgasm face

The face we all know so well. And lets be realistic. They´re not all pretty. I fact. I find that the majority of orgasm faces makes the person alot less attractive. It´s not usually a problem, because you´re horny and you´re not really thinking about it. Untill one day.. BAM! The ugliest orgasmface you have ever seen. The word orgasm comes from the Greek language, ‘Orgasmos’ which translates into  ‘to swell as with moisture, be excited or eager’. And the reason we can’t help pulling faces when we reach our bliss point? It’s because the parts of our brains that control pain and orgasms overlap..!

I was 15 or 16 years old. He was the second person I had sex with. And the one I had before him was in the dark and I was drunk so I didn´t notice his face and he never came. (Yeah, not a good first experience..). Anyway, this guy was a normal guy. Not really hot, but normal looking, cute and charming. We had met a couple of times when we were kids (our parents are friends), but he lived a few hours away. When we entered our teens we spent alot of time talking online, which I guess makes it easier to talk about sex. So when we met again it was a given that we were gonna have sex.

We started making out and taking each others clothes off. When I think about it, it should have been alot more awkward then it was. But as I said he was a very charming and funny guy. When we finally got naked, he had a huuuuge dick. I fucking freaked out. I told him to take it easy with me. He did, but it still hurt like hell. So that is why I was staring at his face. Thinking ”Please just cum already”. He just kept pounding away getting more and more eager. His face turning more and more into something different. He kept on asking if I had an orgasm yet. I said no, because honestly at that moment I thought. ”Giving birth can´t possibly be worse then this”. After what felt like forever, he´s face started changing dramatically. And then his face just formed into something not human. He looked like..  I don´t know.. Quasimodo, E.T, Gollum.. or something in that category.. I was glad he was done, but at the same time kinda freaked out. ”Does everyone look like that when they come?” I though to myself.

My point is that some people look like shit when they have an orgasm. I experienced the ugly face at an early stage in my sexlife. After that it possibly couldn´t get worse. And it hasn´t either. For you out there who havent had sex yet. What you see in movies and porn is not the truth. (And also sex usually isn´t as painfull as I said, he just had a huge cock) Just FYI: In one episode of sex and the city, Miranda has a kinda ugly orgasmface. It made me so happy!

I should add that most people don´t turn into Quasimodo, but y´all should know that these people exist. Of the guys I´ve slept with, only one looked really good. When he had an orgasm he looked more attractive then he did when he wasn´t having sex. He could be a pornstar because of that face. But that only one out of, well.. alot of guys..

10 thoughts on “The Orgasm face

  1. Oh that is just the worst! I know for a fact that my orgasmface is an ugly one… I try and bury into his shoulder or pillow! The problem for me is that once someone pulls an ugly face, I’m out. I can’t sleep with that for the rest of my life, so if it’s a potential relationship, I kick them to the kerb. Can you imagine seeing that possibly every day forever…? Ewwww.

    I’m glad it’s not just me that thinks like this! Thankfully I’ve only come across one or two guys out of 30-something that has an ugly orgasmface so perhaps it’s not as big of an epidemic as we sometimes think?

  2. Hahahah… mine’s not pretty either. Luckily I’ve never experienced the Quasimodo like SexyOstrich has, but I’ve seen some uggos too. But one of them (the perfect penis) actually really turned me on. I tried to figure out what it could be, maybe it has something to do with the utterly carefree indulgence…? It just proves that you just feel so good that in that moment you don’t care how ugly you look, and you just break free from all inhibitions.

    1. He drools..? hahahah, that’s great. I’m sure you look sexy 😉 And I bet ur grimaces turns him on, there’s nothing as sexy as someone indulging that much. Well… except Quasimodo…

  3. I spent some time photographing O-faces and the thing that struck me most was that when someone was watched was when the funny faces happened the most.

      1. My thoughts and their comments were a combination of performance anxiety “Got to look good for the camera” and that the camera caused them to “think” about what they may look like, not realizing that they were actually making funnier or different faces than when they didn’t know about the camera.

  4. So I have a feeling I have an ugly orgasm face, because the guy that I was with, actually put a pillow over my face during sex…I have a pretty face but I guess my orgasm face wasn’t cute…Is that fucked up or what?

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