World’s best lube

 A personal lubricant is an accessory for most people’s sex lives, but for some a necessity. It can enhance the experience of masturbation, give a tasty flavor for those who perform the oral favors, or it can make the whole sexual intercourse just a whole lot better. There are plenty of different lubricants out there, and here are the different types you need to know;

  • Water based

The oldest form for lubrication, in later years they added various agents  for even dispersal, moisture retention, and resistance to contamination. There are many popular and good water based lubes, But on the downside, it dries out pretty fast, so you will need to reapply, and it does

  • Oil based

An organic ingredient in lubricant, and good for those who wish to avoid certain additives and preservatives that is added in other lubes. Can cause condoms to break however, and also has been known to create holes in latex. But it’s a good solution for couples who don’t have to worry about protection.

  • Masturbation lube (Lipid based)

A lube specifically made for masturbation which increases the pleasure of masturbation. Especially good for men as it tends to help durability. Sometimes used on condoms.

  • Organic and Natural

Classified as a medical device rather than cosmetic, and usually mean that they do not contain paraben, glycerin, DEA or animal-based ingredients, and usually contain plants such as Aloe Vera.

  • Silicone Based

A long lasting lubricant with a different feel to it than any other lube, and most are latex-safe. Seeing as it’s main ingredient is silicone it doesn’t get sticky and doesn’t get absorbed by the skin.

 Looking at the facts, and different studies, the Silicone based lubricant seems to have the least risks, except from when it is used on sex toys that are also made from Silicone, which can after several uses dissolve the surface of the toy, or create a sticky surface and gather bacteria. But since our review of lubricants today is specifically for intercourse use that does NOT involve sex toys, we will ignore that fact.

About four years ago, a weird and half-crazy friend of mine started babbling on about having to go to the shop to buy more lube, and she took me on a rather long road trip to reach this spesific sex shop, which had this lube that she had talked about. I didn’t understand why in the love of god she needed a lubricant, as I had never tried it before, and surely, a 21year old woman doesn’t need lube? Us young ladies, we’re good to go! She insisted that I’d come with her and that it was going to change my life. She said she used it to shave with, as it made the skin so smooth and when she didn’t want to wax her private areas she’d shave with the lube, and she would use it to make her legs super smooth and shiny after shaving, and that it was an incredible accessory for sex, especially if you wanted a quickie and had no time for foreplay.

When we arrived after over an hour of driving, I was horrified to be greeted by one of my mum’s old friends who I hadn’t seen since I was about six years old, who recognised me and embraced me. As soon as my crazy friend mentioned the lube, she started shuffling about in the shop and led the way to a big shelf with several assortments of WET lubes. She pointed at the top shelf where there was several sized black bottles of WET Platinum. “What’s so great about it, I don’t understand..” and before I knew it she had taken one of the bottles down, squeezed a tiny drop onto my thumb and told me to rub my index finger on it to feel. It was a nice feeling, a weird sort of liquid, like nothing I’d ever touched before. And she squeezed a drop of a different lube on it, and told me to do the same and keep going. After a while, she looked at me, “It’s getting sticky yeah?” I realised she was right, and bought a tiny bottle, as it was quite expensive, and I still didn’t really see the point of using it.

The first time I shaved with it I found it really great, and I used it instead of a shaving gel, I also used my friends trick of moisturising my legs with them before going to a party/date etc. (It obviously doesn’t actually provide the skin moisture, but keeps the leg smooth and doesn’t dry out like a lotion) Then finally the occasion to actually use it came, and WOW. No, I didn’t NEED it, but putting just a little bit on my hand, and onto the condom covered penis, the guy went MENTAL. And It was so much fun for me! What is great is that if you’re giving a Handy without a condom it’s extremely fun and gives the guy an amazing feeling, and you don’t need to use spit. And just rubbing it on your VayJay feels great, and just makes it all very slippery so you can play with pulling the Penous all the way out and in and just let it slide inside for ages without it drying out. If the guy has a large Penous and your VayJay hurts, it helps… A LOT. It’s Sooooo good, and it DID change my life. Every guy I’ve been with since that won’t stop talking about it, and everyone wanted to know what it was called, I only told my ex boyfriend, and a handful of my friends, as I wanted it to be my thing. But it is time TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD, THE WONDERS OF WET! This is NOT a commercial, this is the TRUTH! Try it for yourself! GUYS, GIRLS, Old and young,  seriously…! This is a GREAT addition.
Me and my best friend got obsessed with it, and we went on a loooooooooooong journey to find and purchase this great but rather expensive lube. So we bought a frickin HUGE one, almost industrial sized communal one…hahah. Rather embarrassing, when we had to make arrangements, or meet in the bathroom to pump it into our hands to run back into our love nests.

What is your favourite lube? Have you even tried lubes? Tell us your experiences, have you had weird experiences with flavoured lubes, or performance enhancing lubes, or sensation lubes? Have you tried WET platinum, the worlds best lube? If so how do you feel about it?

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