Homoerotica at the Gym

The gym, some might consider it a sexy place, where one can creep on hard-working, sweaty members of the opposite sex, and some might consider it a place that they are committed to and a place they take seriously, some go there with a gym-buddy, and some go there alone wearing a baseball-cap and sunglasses  hoping not to meet anyone they know, or anyone that they find attractive, because to most of us, the gym is not a place where you look your best, or most likely feel your best. Now, a dedicated gym-goer, knows the gym on a different level, and one can’t help but notice those people, that are incredibly well-built and confidently stride from machine to machine in their sweaty well-worn gear. The men in particular, the body builders, the athletes and the show-off’s, their partnership with each other, their understanding, and their admiration for muscles is rather homoerotic. Homoeroticism refers to the sexual attraction between members of the same sex, either male–male or female–female.  The concept differs from the concept of homosexuality, it refers specifically to the desire itself, which is a temporary thing. Looking back, several Italian Renaissance art pieces are thought to have been homoerotic, and homoerotic appreciation of the male body has been identified by critics in works by Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci himself!

I went to the gym today, and as I was in the middle of the rush-hour, there was a lot of waiting for the different fitness equipments, and while I was standing by the abs-section, I couldn’t help but notice two guys that were sitting opposite each other, one of them were working abs, and the other guy was working in another section of the gym that focuses on arms. They were really pushing themselves and in-between movements they were looking at each other. It almost looked like they were checking each other out! When they stood up, (at the same time) they walked over to each other, both HUGE, chiselled men in tight fitness tops, sweating like maniacs, and they started touching each other and talking. I didn’t overhear the conversation but they were clearly admiring each others physiques, and complimenting each other, the one guy complimented the other guy on his arms, and the other guy complimented the one guy on his abs. They saw that I was looking, and so I smiled at them and they immediately changed their behaviour. They wondered if I was waiting for the machine behind them, but I was waiting for a different one. I didn’t really want to get into a conversation with them as they were ridiculously huge and I felt like a little wobbly idiot, so I just turned around and looked around the room. The guys swapped equipment, and continued working hard. As I looked around the room, there were several guys standing together laughing, touching each other, helping each other out with certain moves, and these two trainers that were doing the wheelbarrow around the gym, probably trying to impress the ladies.

There was something so homoerotic about all the guys and the way they behaved, not only are they trying to impress the girls, they are trying to impress each other, and you can see a genuine admiration from one to another, and you know when you ask a guy, “Do you think he is hansome?” most guys will be like, “I don’t know, how should I know? I don’t look at guys like that!” And I’m like, “come ON! It’s not like I look at girls going, ooh, she’s hot, I’d like to lick her vajay-jay, it’s more like, Oh GOD, she’s so beautiful, I’d like to look like her, or, Wow, look at that ass, dammit, why doesn’t mine look like that?” And they’ll be all ‘cool’ and shrug it off. And then I see that CLEARLY, even the biggest men, probably do think the same thing. It’s not like they want to fuck each other, it’s more like they admire each other, wanting to be the other person, or at least, look like them. And the bigger guys will encourage the slightly smaller guys, being all humble and constructive, and all the while feeling totally superior and super sexy. It IS a turn on, I bet it IS a turn on for guys too, in a way, to look at the other guy, touching him, going, ‘yeah, I’m getting there’, or thinking, ‘man, the ladies much love touching me, cuz this feels goooood.’

So, I finally got the ab exercise machine I wanted,  and I sat down and tried to find a good song on my ipod, while one of the two huge guys came over smiling, and got REAL close to my face. He was like, “Girl, you gotta quit playin’!” I’m like, woooah, ok…. he’s dripping with sweat and all huge and that, hoping that he wont drip it on me I’m like; “haha, yeah I know, I’m just trying to find a good song.” “Man, you have some lovely eyes, wow… I love your eyes girl.” “Ohh, thanks, haha. You know what? I was just thinking over there, you guys looked so homoerotic. Hahaa.” “What? Oh no, I like the ladies myself, I’m not into that…” after I finally got him to move aside so I could do my thing, he was all like pounding his fist on his bro’s shoulder and walking with proper swagger towards the heavy weight-liftin section, and I just smiled to myself…

Had any similar experiences? What do you think about the homoerotic atmosphere at the gym? Do you have a gym buddy that you admire and compare yourself to? And have you ever met anyone at the gym that you ended up dating? Sleeping with? Comment below!

3 thoughts on “Homoerotica at the Gym

  1. When I was working in Mongolia, I went to a gym there where the biggest body builders in the country went to, mainly the wrestlers, but I saw the most bizarre displays of homoeroticism there. These huge guys were constantly touching each other, squeezing each others’ arms, butts, abs, whatever, far more than just checking each other out. They would spar with one another, hug, sometimes even sit on one another’s laps. Since homosexuality is basically thought of as a foreign, and obviously western concept there, it was like they really couldn’t fathom that their behavior would be seen as gay in any way. Snuggling and squeezing amongst big sweaty men was just how men were there. Totally chill.

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