Delayed Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a common problem, but that is a problem easily solved, with some training with your partner and increasing masturbation, but on the other hand… 

Do you take long to orgasm? Or do you rarely orgasm, or never at all? It’s a known fact that a certain percentage of women rarely reach climax, but something that is not that known, is that  a percentage of men suffer from the same condition. It’s called delayed ejaculation, and leads to hour-long marathon sex sessions, where sometimes he still doesn’t achieve those blissful seconds! It when a man is sexually aroused and he is fully stimulated, but still take a long time (30-45min, and in some cases longer) to orgasm. Some men experience this from the age of 17, and is much harder to treat than premature ejaculation. There are several things that can cause this, Sometimes it’s due to an unusual masturbation technique, such as rubbing against a bed, which no vagina, hand, or mouth can ever feel like, and also Pelvic surgery, antidepressants or other medications, spinal injuries, and psychological factors like intense fear of pregnancy or eagerness to please the partner first. While some men might dream about being able to last for hours, other men find themselves exhausted and frustrated after a two hour long session where his partner is satisfied and too sore to continue. Men who last too long, might face rejection because his partner cannot keep up with him, and there is no answer or solution that will help everyone, as of yet. The most known treatments that help for some, depending on the conditions, is Sex therapy and consulting a urologist to examine the physical aspects. 


I’ve recently started hooking up with a young lover-boy, who I found incredibly attractive and interesting, and I was shocked to find out that he was only 18 years old! As I’m still in my early 20’s I didn’t mind as he seems mature for his age, I did however, prepare myself for a short sex-session as I remember back in the days when I was that age, the sex wouldn’t last  so long. Boy was I wrong! I came home the day after with bruised ribs, a sore vagina, sore legs, sore arms, lack of sleep and just no sexual drive whatsoever.

Now this is new for me, as I am a very horny person, I talk to my housemate about sex everyday, and I masturbate every day, sometimes several times a day. But for the first time, I had had my fill, and I didn’t want ANYTHING. The night before, we had watched a movie at the theatre an went back to his apartment, now he shares a bedroom with another guy as they live in a student dorm-type-place. So the reality of it was the couch. I was fine with that, and we got going. Not only is he way taller than me, so we struggled a bit with positioning on the couch, but it was rather good anyway. But this was only the beginning of what was to be a looooooooong session of different positions, great hand skills, two orgasms (for me) and after a while, around an HOUR, I started giving him a blowjob, as he wasn’t as hard anymore, and because of his drastic movements it would fall out and then crash into me, and my already rather tired vagine. I was secretly hoping that he would come in my mouth, as I had already come and was ready to roll over and sleeeeeep, but NOOOO! After a good 15 minutes he had me going again, and put me on top, and I squatted, bounced, and did my outmost to make him orgasm. I could tell he loved it, and he was indulging, (as well as being incredibly caring and keen to please) but I was so tired, to the point where I was riding him and thinking; ‘THIS IS A NIGHTMARE!’ I was so tired I wanted to cry, It wasn’t even nice for me anymore, and I am NOT in a good enough shape for this! He on the other hand, has a chiselled body, incredible stamina, and apparently an unbeatable penis. Not only had I met my match, I met  my conqueror. I was dead. But I kept going, and kept going, and kept going, he helped me out by lifting me up and down by my ass or by my ribs, and I told him to say when he was getting close, but the words never came. After waaaay too long, 30 minutes of me having a hell of a thigh and calve workout, I started giving him head again, and I gave EVERYTHING I had, I used every trick in the book, I did all my specialties, I gagged, I cupped, I kissed, sucked, licked, two hands, one hand and mouth, everything, for another 30 minutes, and my neck was hurting, my back was hurting, my lips were getting dry, I lost my rhythm, until he finally said something, and pulled me up on the couch. I felt something happening, he was shivering and moving, 

BUT. I didn’t feel any liquid… and I had the horrible feeling that I had just experienced my first FAKED ORGASM> FROM A MAN!

Now THAT was a terrible feeling…. And to tell the truth, the day after, I literally had to LIE, so that I could go home, shower and curl up into foetal position and REST… It was a gym day that day, and I had been too lazy the other day, so I HAD to go, and even though I was tired as hell, sore and chafed, I got my ass over to the gym and did a proper cardio and some muscles that I hadn’t used during sex. I like this guy, and so I want things to work, so my motivation for going to the gym now, is to get into a good enough shape to be able to handle some marathon sessions, but I was terrified that it was going to be the same all over again. Thankfully it wasn’t. Next time I saw him, we had sex three times, maybe 30min. each session, which was alright, exept, that there is no way I can go for a fourth round. He wanted to of course…. He had come twice (after hard work) I had come  (after hard work) and then he made me come again with his hands (easypeasy) and I was DONE. I had no will or energy to go again, even though I am incedibly sexually attracted to him. Now, this Long-Lasting-Loverboy, is great in bed, and I really like him, so I will keep you posted on how this goes as I think this is a subject that needs more information and advice. If you are in a similar situation whether it be your partner or you, share your stories and solutions with us, and help out!

Comment below with advice and stories, and remember, there is no shame in taking a long time to come, it’s just about finding a good partner that has patience and really likes you, and to communicate. It WILL happen! EVERYBODY can orgasm, and together we’ll make it happen!

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