Taking the load

WARNING! Graphic photo

Towards the end of a session of oral pleasure given to a man, it is not taken for granted that the female will accept the ejaculation into her mouth, nor is it if she is going to consume the liquid. In pornography what has been known as ‘the money shot’ is a subject of taste for women, while for men, the deal is simple. Ejaculation on a woman’s body is very exciting, but the feeling of coming inside her mouth is a whole different level. And whether she spits or swallows, that is more a psychological matter it seems, but it all means something.

So what do the ladies consume when they swallow the love juice? An average ejaculation fills up about a teaspoon; the actual amount is determined by a man’s age (younger men usually make more semen), when a man last ejaculated, and how long he’s aroused before ejaculating, among other factors. Sperm make up only about 1% of semen, so the rest of the goodies they produce are;

vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, cholesterol, citric acid, creatine, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc.

It’s a mixed bag, but one can say it’s a rather healthy choice, depending on the man’s own diet. But unless one consumes a bucketload of it a day, it’s not going to affect your diet or weight. 

I’ve done a lot of blow jobs in my time as a sexer, and I have noticed that it is a big deal to a lot of guys if I swallow his lovejuice. I must admit, I don’t do it too often, because my first experience of it was terrible. It was my first boyfriend, and as he came in to my mouth I started coughing and it tasted horrible. My mouth was burning and I had to run to the toilet to drink some water. He, bless him the poor guy, got me some candy to make the taste go away, and I was in shock. I was 17, and pretty thoughtless as I admitted to him that I hated the taste. He handled it pretty nicely, but I do regret it to this day. I could have spared him that. Later episodes however, his juice did not taste that bad at all, and my tongue has been tickled with several different variations of this special liquid. Admittedly, I am not a huge fan, but I am a big fan of the act of it.

Talking to a lot of guys about this, I know that when a girl is giving head, and he is about to blow, she pulls away and just jerks him off, it really ruins the intensity of the pleasure. Guys are different and some guys don’t really care, but a lot of guys think it’s incredibly hot when you swallow. I’ve gathered some statements from guys on the subject;

“In my opinion is a thought of pleasure for the guy stating the girl is down to do stuff that goodie tooshoes won’t, Idk more like taboo for some girls and the girls that do do it are more adventures u can do stuff with em and not get judged.”

“So when we are young and we sneak a porn out we see two things those that swallow and those that want it on them the money shot if you will. well it wasn’t till recently that a cum shot was popular so the swallowing makes them feel like they have a girl willing to do anything..”

“Now, it’s a kind of feeling of acceptance when she swallows it.. A feeling of her showing her enjoyment of the task she’s just performed, like, she doesn’t think it’s disgusting. That she thinks ur jizz tastes good”

“for her to swallow UR non existent children that’s deep..hahahah”

“if its in your personality to like something then it becomes more erotic… If she doesn’t like it, I don’t care for it either, and I’d rather have her go an spit it out in the sink after taking it in her mouth.”

” It’s kinda hard to explain, but I guess as your coming, and she is steady sucking, just drives u crazy!”

So guys have different opinions on why they like it too, it’s weird, but I think we can all agree that a guy isn’t gonna kick you out of bed if you swallow his load and show your enjoyment of doing it.

I like doing it, but it really depends, on the guy, the vibe, the situation, the taste…. If it tastes really bad right then, I don’t want to swallow it, I just want to run to the sink, spit it out and wash my mouth with some water or mouthwash. Sometimes in the heat of the moment,  i want to show him I really like him, and I take it even if it doesn’t taste good, sometimes it DOES taste good and I want it because I’m in some sort of mode of loving doing the deed and drinking the do.

What do you guys think..? What does it say to you when a woman swallows your love juice? Does it make a difference, if so why? Any stories or experiences to share…?

How about you ladies? How do you feel about it?




23 thoughts on “Taking the load

  1. Nice post, I liked the variety of quotes, makes me long for having even half that number of people to talk to about sex up here. As for me, doesn’t matter either way, in the words of my wife, “you are a hard one to finish off.” 🙂

    1. Hahaha… Yeah I guess I’m lucky like that. I live in a house full of guys. And they do like to talk the talk 🙂 So do I OBV. So it’s useful for research. Thanks for ur opinion though, hard one to finish of eh? What’s her trick? 😉

  2. Loved this post. Personally I don’t like swallowing unless I really care for the guy. I don’t like the consistency or the weird feeling I get on the back of my teeth. But I agree, I like doing it when I know it really turns him on.

  3. I like it and even noticed my contribution to the study food for thought is maybe to research ways for a guy to make it taste better for you ladies things like pineapple juice and no artificial sweeteners that one can change in the diet. To help People like your first. Also maybe a post on things a guy should know when traveling down the nether reaches of a woman so that when we do it right they don’t question why their ex couldn’t do that …cause bringing up the ex “always” helps the mood.

    1. Thanks alot! That’s brilliant. I’d love a contribution on that subject of going down on a woman, of the point of view of a man. Bring it on, PLEASE. If you write something on it, I’ll put something down on the subject from my point of view.
      Anyway, thanks for constructive comment! 🙂

  4. Great post! I have a similar story to yours. My first time swallowing was when I was 17. It tasted horrible and it made me gag and almost throw up. I’ve been too scared to try again since, but my current boyfriend has expressed interest in asking me to swallow. I’ve explained to him my history, and he suggested having me try a little bit next time he comes. We have yet to do that, and I’m still nervous, but I’d love to be able to swallow without a problem someday!

    1. Ah, you brave one. Glad ur willing to take it for ur man though. And why don’t u try what Richard said, to do some research on what he can eat to make it taste better for you..? 😉

      1. Oh and one other small tip if its the texture try having him up his fluid intake. 8glasses of water is a minimum in health class and doesn’t do much for any extra liquid needs. More is sometimes all it takes. Remember the fruit and fluids. Good luck bu the way

  5. Oh and one other small tip if its the texture try having him up his fluid intake. 8glasses of water is a minimum in health class and doesn’t do much for any extra liquid needs. More is sometimes all it takes. Remember the fruit and fluids. Good luck bu the way

  6. For me it’s the feeling of total acceptance – that a woman is ‘taking me in’, lock, stock and barrel 🙂 and it’s all received (in my fantasy anyway) with a kind of raunchy mutual admiration. Also, in a funny kind of way, ejaculating is sort of like giving a woman a gift or present. Receiving the gift into your mouth is very special. And when we cum, it’s all hidden – you can FEEL it, but you can’t see it, only imagine it. In oral, you can not only feel it but see what’s happening to your precious love-juice and that’s a turn-on

  7. Seems like for a lot of guys that swallowing is a head trip… (pun at first unintended – then intended when noticed) But yeah, swallowing seems like a psychological head trip that enhances the perception of physical pleasure for many men. As a guy who has been mostly monogamous for 11 years now, I already know I have acceptance whether she swallows or not, and I don’t need to get off on feeling like I’m all powerful, or we’re being pleasurably depraved by breaking some sort of taboo because she swallows. (consensual sexual spanking is a whole different issue)

    Since the greater her pleasure, the greater my own, I would rather not have her swallow, since taste has been an inconsistent issue both bad and neutral in the past. Since she gives me enthusiastically excellent BJs, it doesn’t bother me if she doesn’t swallow.

    My own head trip, which I genuinely prefer to her swallowing, is getting sucked off and then cumming all over her breasts (but not her face – seems too degrading) which I find highly erotic and very exciting, and since she knows how hot it gets me, she enjoys it. Different strokes for different folks, I guess… and no right or wrong way, as long as both partners are happy.

    1. Excellent comment mate, thanks so much for contributing!
      I agree, I don’t find it gives me much thrill if she isn’t into it, and there’s nothing as amazing as an enthusiastic blow job, whether she swallows or not.

      1. Thanks for writing a well written and informative post that inspired me to reply, and I’m glad that I made your day. Your reply just made my day better as well. 🙂

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