Going downstairs

Cunnilingus, the act of oral sex, is an activity involving the stimulation of a woman’s genitalia using ones mouth, tongue and lips. Even though oral sex is considered foreplay, this is an essential ingredient in a healthy sex-life with ones partner. Especially as a lot of women have difficulties in reaching climax with penetration only, it is a simulating and intense experience for the female, which should be exercised more as a main event and not just to get her juices flowing before one enters the vagina.

The extensive techniques, that will satisfy any woman requires a tongue workout and some time and patience. As women are different and they have different levels of sensitivity it is hard to know how to please her without her giving you directions. A lot of women find it uncomfortable to talk whilst receiving, and expect their partner to just know what to do, to men’s helpless frustration. There are things one can do that can almost guarantee an orgasm however.

Mark Coriddi, author of “The Mount Method: a Guide to Pleasuring Women”, has this to contribute to the technique side of it: Achieving a mount means that your mouth and her pubic area come together in such a way as to maximize the pleasure she experiences during your mouthy ministrations.

Both men and women have a mount. According to Coriddi, a man’s mount is the area of his upper lip just above his teeth. A woman’s mount, meanwhile, is the center of the pubic bone, where there is a slight cradle into which your mount naturally fits. “Connecting your respective mounts and maintaining that persistent connection throughout the process of arousal is essential to mind-blowing oral sex,” says Coriddi. “Specifically, it allows you to firmly place your mouth just where it needs to be for maximum stimulation of your partner’s clitoris.

Personally, I am  one of those guys who don’t have problems with the pubic hair department, I have a lot of mates however who find it less appealing to eat out a girl if she isn’t clean down there. I don’t mind if a girl has some hair, landing strip or full rug whatever, even if it isn’t trimmed, but I do honestly prefer it that down by the lips that it’s short and trimmed, or sometimes not even there. But I’ll go down on a girl no matter what, I fucking love it, the sounds she makes, the tensing of her thighs, and how ready we both get to get it in. Sometimes I try and push myself, I’ll be licking her down there and in most cases making her come, and taking my time so that I get to the point where I want to ravage her because I am so horny. And then when we finally get to it, she is so wet and feeling amazing, and I can just release at any point because she’s already satisfied.

One of my ex-girlfriends was one of those girls who were very self-conscious about her vagina, she had a slightly large labia, and thought it was ugly, I thought she had a beautiful pussy. I wanted it, but she wouldn’t let me. When after a couple of months she started feeling more comfortable with me, she would let me but as girls are so different, I was unsure how she liked it, I tried some things, and she seemed to enjoy it, but she was still tense and not really letting herself go. I tried asking her what she wanted, but she honestly didn’t know. She didn’t really know how to masturbate and make herself come, she would have to use a vibrator, so she didn’t know how she wanted it. Even though I tried at several occasions, we would never get to that stage where she would let me go all the way and she would just pull me back up and we’d start having sex. It was frustrating, and it became an embarrassing part of the ritual and I just tried less and less. Well after our relationship was over, I was with someone else, and she was really hard to satisfy, so it was kind of the same problem, except she was stubborn as hell and we just spent maybe an hour trying to get it to happen, and I kept this sexual ‘Im still horny even though we are being technical and we’re gonna make it happen and it’s gonna be so good for the both of us’ attitude – and I realised that, THAT is the key. That’s what I should have done with my ex, just being really persistent, and showing that it turns you on, even when you’ve gotten to the point where you’re not and your dick isn’t hard anymore, keep showing that attitute and it will get you a loooong way. 

A fellow oral sex lover has this to say about pleasuring a woman.

“Speaking from a guy that loves to do it, there should be an enjoyment while you are down there. If you don’t like the act then you will lack a certain edge that someone that does will have. The guys should not focus on just the area that they believe to be the clit either. The vagina has many other spots that are sensitive and also need attention. And sometime its the working your way to the clit that makes the whole situation enjoyable for the woman so take your time it’s not a race. Give attention to the the inner thighs kissing soft nibbles. Notice i said soft nibbles. Not bites this is because till you know the woman well enough a bite may not turn her on . But when you do start on the vagina remember that its not just about lick lick lick. There has to be more. kissing and sucking on the vaginal lips and clit as well as a bit of teasing, not too much teasing though, you don’t want her to lose interest. When sucking her clit be a bit gentle and use your tongue in a circular motion on it at the same time. But i implore you to remember. To much stimulating of the clit can be bad too this spot is very sensitive your lady doesn’t want it to be sore when you are done…”

What do you guys think? Have you had difficulties with the act, or do you know your tricks? Preferences with pubic hair? Funny tasting experiences? Share with us! And what do you ladies think?

8 thoughts on “Going downstairs

  1. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found it easier to relax into it, but when I was younger (in my teens) I found it hard to indulge unless the guy was incredibly skilled at it, I found the noises off-putting and I felt self-conscious about my vayjay.
    Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that I really don’t like when guys suck on my labia, does NOT turn me on, does nothing for me, almost eugh… like no… don’t like it. But that’s just me.
    BUT credits to you guys for getting down there and doing it, it’s an important part of our sexlives. I think.

  2. Great post! Love when a guy goes down on me. It can get me from not in the mood to horney in no time. But I have trouble relaxing when I´m not shaved, I feel like I´m dirty down there, and I don´t like it all. Some guys say they don´t mind, but doesn´t really matter if I can´t enjoy it. 🙂

    1. I get you, and I guess it’s the same self-consciousness we all feel when we’ve been working all day, come home and before you have a shower someone wants a bit of action… that dirty feeling. It surely can’t taste good, but really unshaven or not, as long as you’ve had a shower I’ll go to chinatown in no time and stay there aaaaaall night..!

  3. Read this back in the last week of December, but I was too busy to comment. You make some excellent points here, and our views on the subject are very similar. I also love the look of a furry triangle between a woman’s legs. Maybe not an out of control and sprawling jungle, but a triangle that is clean and well maintained around the edges, has always been and always will be a real turn on for me.

    I had an experience in the past, with a woman who was a wonderfully hot and passionate lover, who could often orgasm during vaginal intercourse, without faking. I knew she was sincere, because she would gently tell me, when she didn’t quite make it to an orgasm. But at over 30 yrs old, she also didn’t know how to masturbate. She didn’t even know where her own clitoris was, or how to properly stimulate it in a pleasurable way, after she knew where to find it. I was able to help her with this, with some gentle and patient instruction, and a lot of reassurance.

    She was enthusiastic about giving me head, but very inhibited about me giving her head, due to insecurities about herself “down there.” There was nothing wrong with her in any way, and I was eventually able to prove this to her. Once she was reassured enough to really relax, she had some amazing orgasms when I went down on her.

    I think that women like you and I both encountered, are more numerous than anyone suspects, due to religious repression of sexuality, and here in parts of the USA, years of repression of sex education in the schools that was replaced by “Abstinence Only” until after marriage, indoctrination of girls. This left many young women ignorant of their own sexuality, and too ashamed to be able to ask the questions that would help them to learn what they didn’t know.

    Sorry for such a long comment, but this is a subject I feel very strongly about, and thanks for your effective efforts here in your post to enlighten people on this subject.

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