Do you Taboo?

In today’s Western society, we live amongst people of all religions, practices, sexual orientations and races. As our horny friend Sigmund Freud posited about today’s subject, was that incest and patricide were the only two universal taboos and formed the basis of civilization. However, although cannibalism, in-group murder, and incest are taboo in the majority of societies, modern research has found exceptions for each and no taboo is presently known to be universal.

However, we in the modern, Western world, educated, “open minded” (Note the ) have an unspoken and spoken agreement on what is inappropriate, and what is simply illegal. Taboo within the realm of SEX provides clear rules and laws against having intercourse with minors, and with people that do not consent , but after that, the rules get quite muddy. Necrophilia, having sex with a dead body, is in most states of America considered a felony, or a misdemeanor as ‘[the] law makes sex acts with dead people illegal because they are unable to give consent.’, in Europe it is also unclear, as it is hard to find the actual law against it, easier to bump into it when it is involving porn and necrophilia. Bestiality, having sex with animals is classified mostly as animal abuse, and in regards to incest, Most modern societies have laws regarding incest or social restrictions on closely consanguineous marriages, but it varies from country to country, and religious groups within the countries, where you draw the line.  Rough sex- Taboo- rape- - rape-naked15tw No one, however can forbid you to fantasize about taboo subjects, and even if they do, they can’t stop you, unless they put you in an electric chair, with a lie detector, and constantly ask you what you are thinking about and zap you every time you lie about thinking about something taboo. 

I often think to myself, thank god nobody can read my mind, and I think it’s a great thing that we are all allowed to have our own sexual fantasies, having the choice to share or not to share it, so we don’t have to be judged. People that have odd or disturbing sexual cravings, like having sex with a tree, or a dead body, or children, are free to fantasize about it while masturbating, as long as they don’t act on it, I see no harm done.  The way I see it Pedophilia is a mental condition that has existed as long as sex for pleasure has, and they simply can’t help it, they can however, NOT act on their fantasies.

There is something magical about finding  a sexual partner who shares your fantasy, and can make it come true for you, and it just so happens, that I have. Not only did I end up MARRYING the ‘Perfect Penis’ mentioned earlier in the post about finding your true genital match, but I shared some of my innermost secret sexual fantasies and was pleasantly surprised to find that he was open, and after trying them, mutually excited.

Fantasy number 1)

Taboo rating; ★☆☆☆☆☆

Student – Teacher scenarioSexy Teacher- Teacher student sex scenario- Sexual fantasy- taboo- 4234bb64074adf6e4b0499cf16b6ab7a

I am a professor, he is a student, a virgin in most cases, he has a crush on me, I know it and seduce him and teach him how it’s done.








Fantasy number 2)

Taboo rating; ★★★☆☆☆

Burglar – Ravishing scenarioSex- rape- taboo - sexual fantasy-45_430-steven-klein-brad-pitt-angelina-jolie-br-w-magazine

It’s basically the rape scenario, didn’t want to use that ugly word as a headline, as I do NOT want to be raped in real life, but it’s okay when my husband pretends to be someone else and does it. And we of course have clear communication as to where to draw the line, which varies on the night.




Fantasy number 3)

Taboo rating; ★★★★★☆

Daddy’s girlDaddy - sexual fantasy - Daddy Issues - sex- - Incest- Taboo - Hot girl - Sexy Daddy- P00130_logo_test1

Yep, daddy comes into my bedroom (NOT using my own dad’s image in this one – hope that is obvious) and has his way with  his easily seduced and inexperienced girl. Gross. I know. But GOD DAMMIT does it turn us on. READ MORE HERE.


Fantasy number 4)

Taboo rating; ★★★★★☆

The Nazi – Jew RomanceNazi-Taboo-sexual fantasy- the best sex blog- Taboo-sexslaves

He’s a Nazi and I’m a hot Jewish woman in a labor camp, or the other way around, Yes I KNOW shame on me ,this is pretty bad, and the Nazi is confused by the beauty and innocence of this woman, and can’t resist the temptation of this INSANE taboo, and the Jewish woman can’t really say no, so.. yeah.





So, now that I’ve shared my embarrassing turn-ons, maybe you can share yours? Or perhaps share a story of somebody trying to persuade you to endulge them in one of their taboo fantasies.

Thanks for reading. Sex on.

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