Urination Station

The sexual act of the ‘Golden Shower’ or


is the act of public urination, involving a fetish or  a paraphilia, meaning sexual arousal of objects or acts, and in this case, urinating. Pissing-illustration - Urine - sex - The best sex blogIt can be that the person gets aroused by CONSUMING the urine, SMELLING the urine, from urine soaked clothes of a partner, BATHING in it, Being SHOWERED in urine by a partner or SHOWERING a partner in ones own urine.

Getting excited at the thought of experimenting with this human and natural liquid doesn’t mean one is a Urophile, (Person depending on urine being involved to get sexually aroused),

The Golden shower can also be an act of power, a game, or an accident during intense sex. Sometimes it happens, and one can enjoy it out of the thrill of it, the spontaneity of it. In fact, Urolagnia has been practiced for many many years, and one of the first known people to admit such a fetish was the British Sexologist Havelock Ellis, who was a really interesting man.

He was known to be a virgin until his  30’s, although an expert on sexuality and the practice of it, his buddies thought it was amusing how revered he was, knowing that he hadn’t really had a piece of the action himself yet. Urine - sex - the best sex blog - Uralgia - Havelock_Ellis_cph.3b08675

He married the women’s rights fighter and author Edith Lees, who was OPENLY a lesbian. However their friendship kept their unconventional marriage going, and he is said to have been impotent until in his 60’s when he discovered that he could get aroused when watching a woman URINATE!

Another person who is known for this fetish, is RICKY MARTIN,Uralgia - Golden shower - sex- pee - Thebest sex blog- ricky-martin-the-2014-world-music-awards_4217663

Who came out as homosexual in 2010. About Urolagnia he stated;

“I love giving the golden shower.

“I’ve done it before in the shower. It’s like so sexy, you know, the temperature of your body and the shower water is very different.”


In the more darker corner of this water sport, it is not uncommon that men like pissing in womens faces to humiliate them, to make themselves feel powerful, and like they can do whatever they want. As written by Kerry Cohen;

“He pulled me toward the bathroom and demanded I get into the tub. He took off his wife beater and blindfolded me. I waited, kneeling in the tub. I definitely didn’t like this anymore, but I had been trained in my life to take what I could get when it came to sex, that you don’t get started and then pull out like a tease. And, besides, there was a part of me that was curious to see where things would go. I heard him turning on the water in the sink and gulping it down. Then it happened: he pissed a hot stream over my chest and down my legs. I started laughing nervously again, and he aimed it straight into my face. I tasted some. I turned my head. I’m pretty sure I yelled, “Stop!” He told me to wash off in the shower.”

Urolagnia is often stigmatized, frowned upon as a few sexual perpetrators have been caught with this act as one of the acts they had practiced along with other more physically HORRIBLE things, with children and animals. However, this is something that normal, healthy couples find themselves doing, and we her at TheBestSexBlog wanted to shed some light on it.

You are now about to get a first hand story from a dude, who never really thought of peeing on another person as an exciting thing. This is my story. Sex- thebestsexblog.wordpress.com BEst sex blog - Female_urination_-_on_white_-_1

I was first inspired to write this piece when my friend and co-author Kissergirl, told me that a guy she was sleeping with (loooong ago) had asked her if she wanted to pee on hm. She had been open to the idea although she couldn’t see the attraction to it, nor did she believe she would be aroused by it. – However, events turned her o to a different path, and by that time I had gotten so excited to hear her point of view.

Recently I have been sleeping with a chick who is all sorts of kinky. Now I’ve slept with girls like that before, and being kinky myself, ladies rarely surprised me. But this time, I was certainly caught off guard.

We were doing a quickie in the evening, right before I was about to leave, and she was straddling me and I was laying there taking it, enjoying it.  Some girls will ride you for a while and enjoy it but they wont climax, and will have to have you take over towards the end to make sure she gets her kicks. But this crazy cat had orgasms on top of me a few times before so I was relaxing and enjoying the ride. -Now don’t get confused, what happens next might SOUND like your good old squirting, but trust me, it was NOT.

Crazy cat is moaning an awful lot, while moving around on top of me, I am cumming, as I lazily assumed that she was cumming too, and she started squealing, then she squatted over me and splattered her yellow liquid all over my chest, it just kept coming and coming, and it splashed all over the bed. (If we had been in MY pace, this would’ve been another story.) The smell hit me pretty fast, and I was shell-shocked. I was just covering my face, with no time to try to enjoy it what so ever.

After I had showered it off and told her that I wasn’t happy with this, I left her place thinking I would never call her again. After she sent a decent apologetic message the next day, I started feeling differently… I like the idea of.. different. And that’s just what it is. Sometimes I just think that liquid is liquid when you’re having sex. I can get into it to the point where I don’t care.  Now we’ve tried it in her tub, her peeing on me in a dominant situation, kind of worked a little bit for me, it’s the idea of being treated like shit and wanting to pleas someone. And we’ve tried it in my shower, her squeezing her boobs together while kneeling and I pee all over them. Yeah, it’s the reverse idea. I can see how it can works for some people, not really the urine smelling part, and not the drinking of it part either (as of yet I haven’t tried).

For me, peeing on someone or being peed on is no more than a “meh”, and the turn on I get from it is just the idea of doing something ‘crazy’ or different. This is my conclusion . – Are You a Urophile? Or are you interested in trying this? Or have you tried it? How did it make you feel? Share your thoughts and stories!

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