The “Daddy” Issue

Warning, this is another post with a taboo topic, sensitive, and not for everybody. If you are turned off by the title… DON’T READ. gal-pursuithappyness-jpgAccording to Pshychology Today  Researchers that have delved into the Issue of Children growing up without a father somehow, following Divorce, death, abandonment etc.  Have found that for children, the results are nothing short of disastrous, along a number of dimensions: 

-children’s diminished self-concept, and compromised physical and emotional security (children consistently report feeling abandoned when their fathers are not involved in their lives, struggling with their emotions and episodic bouts of self-loathing)

-behavioral problems

-truancy and poor academic performance (71 per cent of high school dropouts are fatherless)

-delinquency and youth crime, including violent crime (85 per cent of youth in prison have an absent father)

– promiscuity and teen pregnancy (fatherless children are more likely to experience problems with sexual health, including a greater likelihood of having intercourse before the age of 16, foregoing contraception during first intercourse, becoming teenage parents, and contracting sexually transmitted infection; girls manifest an object hunger for males, and in experiencing the emotional loss of their fathers egocentrically as a rejection of them, become susceptible to exploitation by adult men)


-exploitation and abuse 


FatheranddaughterAnd it goes on and on…

 The Urban Dictionary defines “Daddy Issues” thus; 

“Whenever a female has a fucked up relationship with her father, or absence of a father figure during her childhood, it tends to spill into any adult relationship they embark on, usually to the chagrin of any poor male in their life.”

Growing up with an absent father, or having a bad relationship with ones father, does affect each individual differently of course, and for a man, it is very different than for a woman. o-SUGAR-DADDY-facebook

It can, and almost certainly will effect a woman sexually, what she wants, what she doesn’t want, and it is crucial she meets a healthy and open-minded partner in this matter, in order for certain boundaries to remain, for exploration and self-discovery. 

From a rather sad topic, onto something more sexy…. Not until I met my now HUSBAND, who also happened to be the owner of my version of ‘The Perfect Penis’   did I discover that my relationship with my father, or the lack of, has not only affected my relationship with ALL men, but also sexually.

It was during a very passionate session, he was Doing me real good, and I don’t remember how it happened, or who initiated it, but all of a sudden I was calling him Daddy, and I was his little girl. It was SO HOT.

HLG_MommyDaddy.grid-6x2Let me make some things clear, I did not Picture my father, Ewwww, or anyone elses father, in my head as my husband was doing me, It was his face, his body, it was him, but in a different role sort of. And as we are very open and communicate about sex and taboo all the time, I can assure you, he feels the same, and Is not interested in girls, not even in petite or slim women that look very young, that is not in his porn searches. I am very much womanly, but this idea turned us both on so much.

1055073We’ve reversed, it, made me Mummy, Made me seduce him, made him seduce me as his daughter / stepdaughter, Mummy etc etc. We’ve done all sorts of disgusting twists on incest, but our favourite has been the Daddy game. Scenarios include me waking up daddy, not being able to sleep, or Daddy waking up me telling me we are home alone and we are going to share a little secret, etc. etc. We haven’t gotten into costumes or anything, it’s usually just a few words exchanged and then we are ON.

You tried this mega taboo sexual fantasy with a partner too? I mean come on.. Who’s your daddy? When you’re not horny, it’s gross.. Ha ha. But when  you are turned on and in bed with a great partner, it can work.. Probably very well if you have some Daddy issues.

Tell us your Sexual fantasies, comment below!


3 thoughts on “The “Daddy” Issue

  1. Hot post! My father was always present and a positive role model, so I wouldn’t qualify for the absent/dysfunctional daddy issues category, but I’m definitely drawn to older men (If he’s not a little grey, he’s not sexy.) And the incest fantasies in Nancy Friday books always turned me on the most. I still use a couple of images from those stories to spark my best orgasms.
    My husband and partner in sexual crime is 15 years my senior. We’ve done the daddy role play, which can be very hot if you add a little spanking. 😉

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