About us

We are


a little group of curious sexers that like to talk about sex, read about sex, argue about sex, share sex stories, get advice about sex, look sexy and most importantly; have sex!

We had this idea of blogging it out, everything that we don’t really feel entirely comfortable sharing the people that we know, as sex is really intimate and private, and often one feels loyalty to ones partner and doesn’t want to spill the beans on the not-so-sexy things about them. Also, since we have a great deal of experience within the field, and some of us have an education relevant to the subject, we felt that it’s a great way to share our knowledge and pondering.

It’s very important to us that it is celebrated how different we are, how some people thinks someone is a total uggo, and another one thinks that very same person i incredibly sexy. That is something we should all treasure, and respect. People like different things, different styles, different positions and different people, and we’d like to talk about it!

Feel free to ask questions or contact us by commenting.

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