Are you a sex addict? A horndog? Curious? Self-conscious? On the prowl? Just came out of the closet? A virgin? Do you deny yourself your animalistic needs? Do you have trouble getting an orgasm? Or have you never had one? We are here to blog out our best and worst of the sex lives of women and men today, our personal experiences, facts and figures, theories and fantasies, simply because, there can never be enough. ‘Sex in the city’, porn, erotic scenes in movies, sex self-help books and articles in magazines are all out there to help you find your sexual self. And we’d like to consider ourself another little part of that list of sexual education. Now, let’s get it on.

Links to sexy stuff    – Its Got some sexy stuff blogged on there – Great advice and hilarious contributions    –  Great forum, and this is a sexy story 😉   -Some good sex advice in there, yay to sex-Ed! -Where you can buy THE WORLDS BEST LUBE! Wet Platinum

3 comments on “Links to sexy stuff

  1. suqit
    January 16, 2014

    You really desire my attention.

  2. Mikey P.
    April 28, 2015

    Like it 🙂

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