Taking the load

WARNING! Graphic photo Towards the end of a session of oral pleasure given to a man, it is not taken for granted that the female will accept the ejaculation into her mouth, nor is it if she is going to consume the liquid. In pornography what has been known as ‘the money shot’ is a … More Taking the load

Liebster Blog Award

  We here at thebestsexblog are honoured to have learned, that we are nominated for the Liebster Blog award by our beloved reader and fellow blogger; http://theeclecticeccentricshopaholic.wordpress.com , We’d like to thank her for her appreciation and loyalty, and declare how happy we are for this recognition by our peers.   HOW IT WORKS: When one receives … More Liebster Blog Award

Delayed Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a common problem, but that is a problem easily solved, with some training with your partner and increasing masturbation, but on the other hand…  Do you take long to orgasm? Or do you rarely orgasm, or never at all? It’s a known fact that a certain percentage of women rarely reach climax, … More Delayed Ejaculation

World’s best lube

 A personal lubricant is an accessory for most people’s sex lives, but for some a necessity. It can enhance the experience of masturbation, give a tasty flavor for those who perform the oral favors, or it can make the whole sexual intercourse just a whole lot better. There are plenty of different lubricants out there, and … More World’s best lube

The Orgasm face

The face we all know so well. And lets be realistic. They´re not all pretty. I fact. I find that the majority of orgasm faces makes the person alot less attractive. It´s not usually a problem, because you´re horny and you´re not really thinking about it. Untill one day.. BAM! The ugliest orgasmface you have … More The Orgasm face