No Sex Life

Several studies have shown that, although not having sex over long periods of time affects everybody differently, most symptoms and behaviours occur in most, and has done for decades. Even before our relatively recent sexual liberation in the Westernised world, people, especially women suffered from this lack of intimacy and sexual fulfilment, which led to … More No Sex Life

The “Daddy” Issue

Warning, this is another post with a taboo topic, sensitive, and not for everybody. If you are turned off by the title… DON’T READ. According to Pshychology Today  Researchers that have delved into the Issue of Children growing up without a father somehow, following Divorce, death, abandonment etc.  Have found that for children, the results are … More The “Daddy” Issue

If you wanna be a slut

The Urban dictionary defines ‘SLUT’ as; A woman with the morals of a man. However Wikipedia describes the word as a term used for a ‘person who is considered to have loose sexual morals and being sexually promiscuous’ and elaborates ‘a woman of low or loose character’. For the last two decades, derogatory terms against … More If you wanna be a slut

Urination Station

The sexual act of the ‘Golden Shower’ or Urolagnia is the act of public urination, involving a fetish or  a paraphilia, meaning sexual arousal of objects or acts, and in this case, urinating. It can be that the person gets aroused by CONSUMING the urine, SMELLING the urine, from urine soaked clothes of a partner, … More Urination Station

Do you Taboo?

In today’s Western society, we live amongst people of all religions, practices, sexual orientations and races. As our horny friend Sigmund Freud posited about today’s subject, was that incest and patricide were the only two universal taboos and formed the basis of civilization. However, although cannibalism, in-group murder, and incest are taboo in the majority of … More Do you Taboo?

Going downstairs

Cunnilingus, the act of oral sex, is an activity involving the stimulation of a woman’s genitalia using ones mouth, tongue and lips. Even though oral sex is considered foreplay, this is an essential ingredient in a healthy sex-life with ones partner. Especially as a lot of women have difficulties in reaching climax with penetration only, … More Going downstairs